Dolphin Connection

Vallarta Adventures Dolphin Center, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico
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Dolphin Connection

Dolphin Connection is perfect for the whole familiy. Adults, kids and non-swimmers can interact with these friendly and intelligent mammals.

Our Dolphin Connection includes a complimentary 60-min sightseeing visit to Los Arcos National Marine Park, one of the most iconic landmarks of Puerto Vallarta. This series of impressive rock formations is home to a myriad of endemic bird species, and definitely a must-see in the area.

Get on board a comfortable speed boat, and enjoy an exciting ride to Los Arcos. On your way back, you’ll also have the opportunity to admire the charming downtown Puerto Vallarta coastline and the hillside houses of the rich and famous. This is, without a doubt, the perfect complement to your dolphin experience! This sightseeing is limited to children over 5 years old.

*Please Note: Guest that wish to go on the complimentary 60-min sightseeing visit to Los Arcos National Marine Park must confirm their assistance with our reservations department at or +18885262238

Coming with toddlers and non-swimmers? This is the ideal program for all!

For 20 minutes, you will learn all about the Pacific Bottlenose from the best possible teacher – one of our cheerful dolphins! As part of this small-group program, you’ll communicate with your dolphin like the professionals do and make a new friend for life.

The experience will be a truly magical one that you will never, ever forget.

A Dolphin Connection for the Whole Family

Under the guidance of our knowledgeable marine mammal specialists, children as young as one can bond with a dolphin through touch and play. Have you ever wondered what a dolphin feels like?

Or dreamed of giving one of these playful animals a hug and getting a wet dolphin kiss in return? You and your family will do all that and more in our specially designed shallow-water lagoon.

Your program will begin with a short poolside introduction to our dolphins! Our trainers will share information about the Pacific Bottlenose’s fascinating anatomy, what makes them unique among marine mammals, their history with human beings and their underwater social lives.

From there, you’ll get into the water and start interacting with your new dolphin friend. You’ll feel their sleek skin, give them a treat, play with them, give them a smooch and even talk with them using hand signals.

Communicate Directly with the Dolphins

As part of our Dolphin Connection, you will learn to talk to a dolphin using the same hand signals that professional marine animal trainers use.

On our shallow water platform, you’ll be able to concentrate on the experience of getting to know your dolphin and letting them get to know you. Bonding is the focus of this dolphin encounter, and you’ll discover that these curious creatures are just as interested in learning more about you!

Throughout the encounter, you will feel the warmth and sense the intelligence of what we believe are the ocean’s friendliest creatures.

Why Connecting with Dolphins Is Important

We know that dolphins are smart, friendly and fun, but there is still so much we don’t know about these marine mammals – including how best to protect them from the impact human beings have on their habitats.

When people, especially children, have an opportunity to interact with dolphins through our Dolphin Connection, they’re inspired both to learn more about what they can do personally to ensure that dolphins in the wild can thrive and to support ongoing research and conservation efforts.

We Take Our Dolphins’ Welfare Seriously

Dolphins need downtime just like people, which is why we limit the length of our Dolphin Connection and other encounters.

Our dolphins spend less than two hours per day interacting with people, and then spend the rest of their time playing with one another, working with our trainers and relaxing in the safe and stimulating environment we have created for them.

To ensure our dolphins stay healthy and happy, they are given regular checkups and their diets are closely monitored. For more information about why we invest so much in the care of our animals.

We are extremely proud to provide the highest standards of animal care to our dolphins and sea lions. Learn more about the Humane Conservation certification that Dolphin Adventure obtained.

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Vallarta Adventures Dolphin Center, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico


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