Las Caletas & Dolphin Swim

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Las Caletas & Dolphin Swim

Las Caletas & Dolphin Swim Tour gives you double the fun and triple the relaxation.  This is a two-day activity, where you can fulfill your dream to swim with dolphins and have a custom adventure.  Activity options include anything from learning how to prepare paella to snorkeling to mezcal tastings and meeting monkeys. Your trip to Las Caletas, which TripAdvisor has called one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world, is just part of the fun. What makes this Puerto Vallarta tour truly unforgettable is the added opportunity to splash and swim with one of the sea’s most playful, curious and empathetic creatures.

Kiss and Interact with a Dolphin

In our specially-designed encounter pools, you’ll be briefed on the dolphin’s unique anatomy, their behaviors and unique characteristics before you slip into the clear shallow water to meet your new Pacific Bottlenose friend. With our trainers at your side, you’ll get to know your dolphin through playful hugs, gentle touches, hand signal communication and even a wet dolphin kiss. From there, you’ll have a chance to experience the dolphin’s power and grace first hand as you glide across the pool belly to belly at top speeds. It’s a breathtaking ride you’ll never forget!

You’ll Love the Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

This Puerto Vallarta beach paradise is perfect for family getaways because there is so much to do – that is, if you want to do anything at all. You can snooze away the day in one of the shaded hammocks strung between towering palms before sampling the locally made mezcal if your goal is to unwind. But if ecotourism is more your speed, you can hike the jungle, meet playful monkeys and beautiful parrots before snorkeling the calm, clear waters. And you can even send the kids on their own adventure before you regroup on the beach for some paddle boarding and kayaking.

The day is yours to create from start to finish, but always includes a gourmet lunch and open bar.

Your Dolphin Swim Will Inspire You for Life

You probably know that dolphins are friendly, funny and very clever, but there’s plenty we don’t know about these fascinating creatures yet. One thing we do know is that we as humans have a responsibility to help dolphins thrive in the wild. We believe the time you spend swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta will inspire you to learn more about what you can do as an individual to protect dolphins from harm and how you can support research and conservation initiatives.

We Take Dolphin Welfare Seriously

We limit the amount of time our animals spend in our dolphin swim encounters and other programs because we strongly believe that our animals need and deserve relaxation as much as we do. Our whole family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins spend most of each day playing and interacting with one another in a stimulating environment, and only a small percentage of their time interacting with our guests. They also receive one on one attention from trainers, which is an important part of their enrichment, regular checkups from highly trained marine mammal specialists and a very healthy diet tailored to each animal. Our goal is for each of our dolphins to be not only physically fit, but also happy and well behaved.

What do you need to know before you book

  • COVID-19 protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of all our guests.
  • Please be aware that you must be at the check-in point 30 minutes prior to departure. Boarding will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure time.
  • The tour to Las Caletas and the Swim with Dolphins program take place on two separate days.
  • Minimum age: 5 years old
  • Each child between the ages 5 & 11 must be accompanied by a paying adult (16 or older)
  • Child prices apply to children ages 5 to 11
  • Cameras are only allowed in the guest observation area
  • No jewelry or sunscreen allowed.
  • Life jackets are provided and required.
  • Each dolphin program is unique and based upon our groups, specialists and dolphins.
  • All of our programs are designed with our dolphins’ wellbeing in mind.
  • Bring a valid ID for snorkel equipment check-out. Life jackets are mandatory during all water activities.
  • Kids Adventure Park is for children ages 4-11, minimum height of 3.25 ft. (1 m).
  • Teen Adventure Cove includes highly physically demanding activities, participants must be in excellent physical and mental condition. Alcohol not permitted. Zip LineStep Up, Banana, Rattlesnake waterslide, and Slide n’ Fly waterslide: ages 12+, (Rattlesnake  8+), minimum height 4 ft. (1.2 m), minimum weight 40kg (88lbs), maximum weight 118kg (260lbs).
  • Expectant mothers, people who suffer from heart disease, back or spine problems cannot participate in this tour.



Please be advised that Mexico’s Federal Maritime Ports operate a strict No-Drug Policy, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, and all kinds of drugs. Please be advised not to bring them to any of our tours. We cannot offer a refund or change of day for any guest to who Federal Security has denied access.


  • A once in a lifetime experience! Our 40-minute Signature Swim Dolphin Program.
  • Scenic boat ride to Las Caletas
  • Lunch at Las Caletas
  • Open bar at Las Caletas
  • Snorkel, mask and fins
  • Paddleboard
  • Kayak
  • Nature walk
  • Animal Encounter
  • Cooking Class
  • Clay modeling
  • Mezcal tasting
  • Kids Adventure Park
  • Teen Adventure Park
  • Life jackets
  • Swimsuit
  • Hat
  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Light sweater
  • Extra cash for dock fees, photos and souvenirs

Activity's Location

How do you care for the animals?
At our centers we follow a program for preventative health care including daily health assessments regular voluntary veterinary examinations and dietary needs assessments. We continually provide an exceptionally clean and stimulating environment for them to live and thrive in while providing a safe and stable setting for their social community (pods) and family to reproduce and grow. For more information please refer to our Corporate Responsibility page.
How do I get to Las Caletas?
Las Caletas is accessible only by boat and because it’s private the only boats permitted to dock are those owned by Vallarta Adventures. This means that there are no street vendors or tourists from other companies making it a true paradise hideaway.
Are all drinks included?
Our open bar at Las Caletas includes bottled water fruit juices sodas beer rum tequila vodka and margaritas throughout the day.
I'm a vegetarian is there anything I will be able to eat?
Of course! Our buffet style lunch at Las Caletas includes a large selection of salads pasta and grilled vegetables as well as seafood paella during the day. You can help yourself as many times as you would like!
Is there a locker to store my things?
We have lockers available at Las Caletas to keep your belongings safe while you explore. Please bring an ID or hotel key as a deposit.


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